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While there are now better special effects, I kind of like the simplicity of Shaolin Soccer’s simple digital videos because they kind of add to the humor of the story. The ritual humiliations that Sing and his ad hoc family are subjected to are so laughably brutal they could have been lifted from ”Down and Dirty Pictures,” Peter Biskind’s book detailing Miramax employees’ suffering. Iron Head (Yut Fei Wong) has a bottle broken over his head in a restroom after botching his janitorial duties.

  • The gaming grid features a variety of symbols inspired by the soccer theme.
  • Shaolin Soccer is rated PG for martial arts action and some thematic elements.
  • Cartoon design, an exciting theme, a high RTP rate, and a dynamic main game have made this product by PG Soft incredibly popular on the market.
  • Players are advised to check all the terms and conditions before playing in any selected casino.
  • To compensate, new music and English-language signs and graphics have been added, so the film seems to take place in an even odder world than most Hong Kong action epics.
  • Particularly the story of Iron Head, who cleans toilets at a karaoke bar and is regularly smashed over the head with glass bottles by his boss (gee, so glad I don’t know what that’s like, eh Justin?).

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I hadn’t seen Shaolin Soccer in years, but it was great to revisit it. Team Evil is ruled by Hung (Patrick Tse) who uses his money and influence to control the world of professional soccer. When former standout “Golden Leg” Fung (Ng Man-tat) meets “Mighty Steel Leg” Sing (Stephen Chow), he realizes Fung’s mastery of Shaolin could be applied to soccer and bring about the downfall of Team Evil. Fung begins to teach Sing and his brothers the skills of soccer…but Hung and Team Evil won’t go down without a fight. This is not the sort of movie that you can easily wrap your brain around, and it’s probably for the best if you don’t even try. I think it’s been mentioned in similar terms by my peers, but Shaolin Soccer appears to be the confused but sort of cute love child of Baz Luhrman, Bruce Lee and… the Gipper.

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For the longest time, the only way to see this excellent flick was download off the net or a pirate DVD (and you know what that’ll do for the cult status of a movie!). However, there has finally been a mainstream DVD release that, while lacking in extras and glitter, at least finally manages to give the rest of us a chance to see this truly weird movie. Editor in Chief and Developer – AllSlotsOnline.Casino
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But when they eventually face off with Hung’s evil team (appropriately named Team Evil), they may have met their match. Outlandish blockbuster about a soccer game that pits a bunch of misfit, martial-artist monks against a thuggish team of champions. Outside of Georgia – no need to send us your tax exempt number – we will not charge you. If you are tax exempt in Georgia – please register on our site and either send us an email  or use the online chat to give us your tax exempt number BEFORE you place your order and we will ensure that sales tax is not added to your order. If you paid by credit card, please allow one billing cycle for the credit to appear on your card.

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If you paid by check or money order, we must allow time for the check to have cleared before issuing a refund , which will then be mailed to you. We’ll notify you via e-mail of your refund once we’ve received and processed the returned item. The film is rather long though the American release did edit a chunk out of it. The longer version of the film does serve to develop and build the plot.

At this point, you might find yourself even reminded of DragonBall Z, but I would urge you not to let this deter you; it’s basically live action anime, complete with all the laughably hamfisted dialogue and posturing. Hong Kong icon Stephen Chow co-wrote, directed and stars in this outlandish blockbuster that pits a group of misfit, martial-artist monks against a thuggish team of champion soccer players. Vicki Zhao, Ng Man Tat, Patrick Tse Yin, Li Hui Yut Fei Wong. An Asian import that blends kung fu with one of the world’s most popular sports, Shaolin Soccer is insane, almost literally.

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