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Yo yo yo, listen up, legal eagles, I got a story to tell
‘Bout free trade agreements, they’re pretty swell
You ever heard of the China-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement?
It’s got benefits and implications, you won’t believe it, mate!
But watch out for online harassment laws in Minnesota
You don’t wanna mess around and end up in a legal coma
If you run a small business in Texas, just be aware
‘Cause there’s rules and regulations that you gotta prepare
Then there’s the Service Level Agreement Audit Report, don’t you sleep
Best practices and guidelines, it’s all crucial to keep
Can the government legally close a business? Well, they might try
But know your legal rights and regulations, don’t be afraid to ask “Why?”
Is hemp oil legal in New South Wales? Yeah, it’s a big deal
But laws and regulations, you gotta keep it real
Need a box of legal paper? I got just the thing
High quality for professionals, it’ll make your heart sing
For all the mamas in Australia, I got a little treat
Breastfeeding laws, everything you need to meet
Now, if you need a client carer agreement, don’t you fret
I got the essential legal guidelines, bet you won’t forget
Last but not least, where do you find your Tesla purchase agreement? No need to be blue
Legal guidance and resources, I got you, that’s true