Mergers Acquisitions Blog

The Mergers Acquisitions Blog is a excellent place to find out more about the pros and cons and issues that come with mergers and acquisitions. It consists of articles and case studies, as well as interviews with questions and answers as well as other resources.

Companies frequently merge or acquire in order to grow faster, increase their market share, break into new markets, or enhance their competitive edge. Successful M&A strategies depend on careful planning and execution.

The most common kind of M&A involves two companies combining into one, however an acquiring company can also acquire a different company. A business purchase is different from merging since it is considered a transfer of ownership.

M&As are usually done with the benefit of both parties in mind. Financial M&As, for instance, are often targeted to obtain cash or assets at discounts. Strategic M&A, on the other one hand, focuses on resolving a specific business problem or opportunity. It could involve acquiring new product lines or expanding your facility, or acquiring intellectual property or expertise. In the past, companies have even utilized M&A as a way to escape a bleak business environment. In 2008, for instance, several banks merged to stay afloat.

When a company makes an M&A, it usually has to consider the impact on its workforce. Employees may be worried about whether they will fit into the culture of the newly acquired company, what benefits will change, and much more. HR must be prepared to respond to these concerns in a professional and clear manner.