Keep Share and Edit Your Data Safe

Edit and share data securely

We all work with documents. From word documents and emails to spreadsheets and presentations sharing files across platforms, devices and clients is a crucial part of our everyday lives. But with a rising number of cyber attacks appearing in the news, we are rightly concerned about how secure the files we share are.

File sharing is an excellent way to collaborate with others and share ideas. However it’s important to think about the amount of access you’ll grant to those you work with. If you leave access open for too long could make it easy for hackers to get into your data and compromise your privacy.

There are some simple steps that can help ensure the security of your sensitive data when sharing files. First, only send people the data they need. This minimizes the risk of more information falling into the wrong hands in the case of a leak or data breach. Use software that prevents unauthorised edits of files. For instance, if you’re collaborating on an Excel spreadsheet there are software which can lock the spreadsheet while it’s being edited. This prevents malicious or accidental changes and ensures the numbers remain correct.

Online file transfer services can also pose risks to firms. Using these types of systems could leave your organization vulnerable to variety of attacks and it’s often difficult for administrators to see where files have been sent and what access has been granted or even if they’ve been sent in any way.