How to Run Safe Board Meetings

As school board meetings return to regular time, there are many considerations districts must take into consideration. While it is important to allow parents and other members of the community the opportunity to attend in person to speak on behalf of their children, they should perform this in a way that doesn’t compromise safety or disrupt the flow of meetings. Schools and districts must also be prepared to quickly remove disruptive or dangerous people from the premises.

To ensure effectively and safely board meetings, you need to begin with a clear agenda and stick to it. This will help you to cover all the important topics, and keep the time to a minimum. It also makes it easier for the attendees.

An organized agenda will assist you in not overwhelming your guests with lengthy reports and routine items. By clearly defining the purpose of each item (to inform, seek information, or to reach a conclusion) participants will be able to focus on discussion and questions and not get distracted by small details.

Choose a reliable program that can be used in both an on-site or virtual setting. You can also offer hybrid meetings to those who do not have access to a private boardroom. It makes it easier to exchange documents, record minutes and keep track of attendance.