Choosing the Right Data Room Features for M&A Due Diligence

Data rooms are the best method of sharing sensitive information with key stakeholders during M&A due diligence, assisting companies to close deals in an efficient way and without the loss of important privileged data. Virtual data rooms are vital to the M&A process because they offer powerful features, such as document versioning, Q&A, and advanced security. But, picking the right solution isn’t always easy. You have to choose a reasonable one with the necessary storage capacity, check it has the right features, and have access to technical and product support.

To build a comprehensible data room it is recommended to create a hierarchical folder structure with clearly defined and standardized file names, and also to connect related documents. A data room should allow users to add descriptive text to files to increase visibility and enable users to better understand the contents of each document.

Monitoring the activity of the dataroom is also vital. Administrators can monitor who has visited which document and for how long they’ve been in the data room. This helps ensure that all due diligence tasks are completed on time, and that no confidential information is revealed in error.

Another important feature is the redaction tool that let you blackout (redact) the text in a document instantly and reliably. This can save a lot of time and reduces the chance of missing sensitive information.