Building Healthy Relationships in Addiction Recovery

Trust is a fundamental part of every relationship, and it often takes a big hit during periods of substance use. Rebuilding lost trust can be a priority when repairing connections during recovery. In terms of the relationships you want to improve, how long did it take to damage them in the ways that you had prior to commencing recovery?

relationships in recovery

You need this before you can foster a good relationship with another person. While you do have to forgive yourself and move forward, you also have to accept the impact of drugs and alcohol on every part of your life before you can do that. This impact includes how it affects the people you care about. You can feel like you’re relearning many things or learning skills for the first time in recovery, which often includes interacting with others, whether it’s friends, family, or romantic partners.

Recovery Support

How many times have you told them that this time things will be different? The more often this happens, the harder it is for the important people in your life to trust that this time really will be different. Moreover, codependent behavior can involve attempting to control or “fix” the addict’s problems. Loved ones may become excessively involved in the addict’s life, micromanaging their decisions and choices to keep them away from their addictive behaviors.

  • Be prepared for different reactions, as some may be open to reconciliation while others may need time to process and heal.
  • And, we have professional relationships with colleagues and co-workers.
  • If you are your own best friend, you will generally be a content and well-adjusted person.
  • For those who need less support, the companionship that relationships bring is just as important.

The framework can give you language to use when describing gaps in service. Your input can be invaluable in helping mental health care providers shift toward the values outlined by this model. If you’re receiving mental health services or have a loved one with a mental health condition, knowing the basic tenets of this model can help you advocate for the best care. If your goal is to rebuild an existing relationship, to move forward, you’ll need to recognize how you hurt the person when you were using drugs or alcohol. If you go to an addiction treatment program, a lot of what you’ll work on is having a healthy relationship with yourself.