15 Project Management Interview Questions & Answers 2023

No matter which questions you get in your interview, make sure you keep in mind the most important skills, qualities, and points you’re trying to convey. Review the info above and reread the job description for the specific role as you prepare. And then tell your interviewer—and show them through how you behave before, during, and after your interview—why you’d be the very best choice. It was my job to scope out the project, make a plan, set the timeline, and make it happen. I like to ask internal and external stakeholders a lot of questions, especially early on in the process, to ensure that I understand everyone’s perspective and can take it into account throughout. My goal is to make sure people are aligned at all times and know very clearly what’s expected of them and when.

Integrating new technology requires a careful assessment of risks and benefits. This question looks at your risk management skills and your approach to change management, ensuring you can enhance efficiency without overwhelming how to become a project manager your team. Making unpopular decisions is sometimes necessary in project management. This question investigates your leadership and resilience in making tough choices while keeping team morale and stakeholder trust intact.

Tell us about an incident where something went wrong in your project while you were managing it.

Each question includes information about why the question can be useful, along with tips for getting the most out of the question. In addition, the questions come with example answers that demonstrate the type of responses you might look for in candidates. The questions will assess your project https://remotemode.net/ management knowledge and expertise. Equally as important, the employers will be seeing how well you would fit in with the company. The manager typically oversees a team in executing aspects of a project, and must motivate team members and offer support or find solutions if they’re struggling.

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If they managed projects through COVID-19, have them discuss the effect of the pandemic on IT projects and how they handled them, such as transitioning to new ways of working. If you’re an IT pro interviewing candidates, you need to ask them questions that will help you assess their character and their capabilities. Here are 15 questions you can use to learn more about candidates during interviews.

How do you control changes to your project?

Any project manager worth hiring will be able to answer this with practical specifics. Where there are people, there are conflicts, and even the best projects have problems. If there’s a problem between two or more project team members, it must be resolved quickly.

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